Massive Performer In Audulus


It’s pretty awesome the kind of rhythms you can come up with this! In Audulus 4 I bet we’ll be able to build this module where it has one set of controls and then you just page through which step you want to edit. A true beast!



Looking forward to Audulus 4.


lol. After running around town for a workaround I think I found the source of my sync problems. Right at the very beginning…


Sync Time v009 (BETA)

  • flipped clock inside out
  • reworking sync
  • 16ths fixed
  • 1/1 to 1/4 fixed
  • first step fixed
  • tidied up the insides
  • almost synced
    • still eludes me a bit. need to stare at it longer it seems.

Underachiever Sync Time v009.audulus (695.0 KB)


Underachiever v066 (BETA)

  • ratio knob good 1 to 64

Underachiever v066.audulus (719.8 KB)


Underachiever v073 (BETA)

  • 4 "multiplier” options
    • trying to cut some fat (less phasors)
    • fixed min values
  • phase knob
  • arranged layout

Underachiever v073.audulus (695.7 KB)


Underachiever v083 (BETA)

  • gate direction switch buttons
  • phase knob limited to 0.999999
    • get little blips when gates are closed when @ 1 (thinking of a better fix)
      • use 0 for original phase (not 1)
  • clock made into module
  • demo synth made into module
    • pitch knob
  • put vias around steps
    • way easier to make cut/paste edits
  • tidied insides
  • synth shape button
  • changed demo
  • attack and decay times fixed (wiring mistake)
    • nope. fix attempt #2. #3#4
    • 5th times a charm hopefully… found the missing link from before I think.
  • tried to make the demo easier to understand for newcomers

Underachiever v083.audulus (905.7 KB)


Well, two and a half weeks later, it’s starting to feel almost done. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Attack and decay shapes is one other thing I’d like to do. More waveform shapes as well. And maybe do wavetables.

And, 16 steps may be overkill for most applications. With the new via system it’s pretty easy to remove and add back in steps. I guess a number of steps constant knob inside may help.


Underachiever v107 (BETA)

  • 64 steps
  • uncrooked’ed knobs
  • unloosened wires
  • demo’ed functions a bit more
  • 96’ed teh knobs
  • fixed previous lowest note
    • added the forbidden notes

Underachiever v107.audulus (1.4 MB)

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