Live-Coding and Audulus

Hi! I recently bought Audulus because I was searching for a modular synthesis environment that I can easily use along my usual live-coding languages. So far, I’m really having fun using Audulus as a sound-synthesis engine controlled by ORCA or Sonic-Pi. I usually launch a MIDI sequence or a pattern and I tweak my patch until I reach a point of stability, before saving it for a later use in other improvisations.

Is there anyone here using live-coding languages with Audulus?

Here are my personal favorite languages:
ORCA : a visual live-coding language.
Sonic-Pi : A live-coding language based on Ruby.

The most commonly used live-coding language are Tidal Cycles [Haskell] and [Python]. All these languages are documented and are really easy to setup if you want to give a try.

There is one thing that prevents me from going further. Is it possible to attribute a MIDI_CC value to something in the Audulus patch interface without using the MIDI learn option? Maybe someone built a module just to do that. Is it possible to receive and to parse OSC messages too?


Currently the only way to assign a CC is via the MIDI learn command and there is no support for OSC. We’re hoping for a more complete MIDI interface when Audulus 4 is released. Personally I would like to see low-level MIDI in and out, but I’m not sure what @taylor has in mind.


Low level MIDI sounds good. The Keyboard node dates back to before we had Modules (i.e. sub-patches). Now it makes sense for the MIDI nodes to be pretty low level, and building up user-friendly modules on top of them :slight_smile:


These developments all sound awesome. I can hardly wait until Audulus 4 is fully baked and ready to come out of the oven.