LFO Sequencer V3


LFO Sequencer V3 A and B

This is a sequencer for generating repeating patterns by sampling two LFOs that are modulating one another. The pattern produced is dependant not only on the frequency and shape of the LFOs, but also the tempo of the clock going in. In summary, I use this as a source of repeating patterns that will change organically as the tempo changes.

There are two versions included here. One is the reduced version, which is a great source of modulation and provides unipolar and bipolar modulation. The larger version has a built in STS uQuantizer V6 integrated into it along with scaling and glide, as these were elements I found myself adding over and over.


Input Signal Range Notes
18%20AM48x44 0 - 1 Clock input, gate length has no effect
24%20AM48x45 0 - 1 Reset input, responds to gates

Output Signal Range Notes
39%20AM61x59 3 octaves produces 1/oct signal that can be switched up 3 octaves and down 4
22%20AM62x48 0 - 1 This is the same sequence as the 1/oct output but fixed to scale between one and zero for modulating knobs, it is not affected by parameters other than ‘shape’ and ‘lngth.’

Controls and Displays

Parameter Function Notes
58%20AM115x97 LFO Shape This is a macro control that changes several parameters in the LFOs within the module including frequency, modulation index, and crossfade. Low values create a slow continuous sine while higer ones are more chaotic.
48%20AM200x85 Pattern Length Controls the length of the pattern, up to 32 steps.
05%20AM179x86 Glide This applies slew limiting to the output creating note slides. It can be turned on and off via gate for external sequencing.
31%20AM165x77 Quanntizer Root Note The notes are assigned chromatically A-G# mapped to the range 0-11
59%20AM224x85 Quantizer Scale Scrolls through semitone, major, natural minor, harmonic minor, pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, blues major, and blues minor scales. Scale notes are indicated in light blue and the selected note is selected in white.
22%20AM197x87 Pattern Range multiplies the bipolar signal of the internal LFO between 0 and 3 before being quantizing.
09%20AM186x86 Octave Switch Transposes the scaled pattern up 3 and down 4 octaves in quantized steps.

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
V 3-A,B LFO Seq V3.audulus (763.2 KB)
05/02/2018 Previous versions were effectively prototypes.


Revision File Date Notes
Sequencing Tempo LFO seq Demo Patch 1.audulus (1.7 MB)
05/02/2018 This patch was intended to demonstrate hw the LFO sequence could morph across different tempos while returning to the original pattern using reset.


Probably mostly slept on… This package is absolutely wonderful. I recommend setting up multiple stages of envelopes and also animating those – looping envelopes work really well. I like how I can manipulate the “shape” knob and get different rhythmic shifts without loosing the mood in a patch. Often quantizing tools can lend themselves to a grid-locked pattern, which needs to be supplemented with various techniques to ‘humanize’ it. These modules seem to lend character to sequencing from the outset. Well done.