Learning Synthesis - Brought to You by Ableton!

Hey everyone!

I just learned about a new thing that Ableton is doing, which is really neat for the music community, as a whole, and super useful for those of you that learn by doing. Also for those of you that may be new to the forum, Audulus, synthesis and may not yet quite understand the basics, in general, but perhaps a little afraid to speak up and ask questions.

This is a great resource I read about the other day and began exploring on lunch today at work:

Ableton Learn Synthesis: Interactive Browser Lessons

I hope you all will find this as exciting as I do. Any new way to learn is super dope (especially when it costs nothing!), as I feel the more knowledge and experience I can gather, the better equipped I am to handle the things I am trying to get better at doing, and I will never be not a student. Enjoy :wink:

(if anyone else already mentioned this, I am sorry, I searched but couldn’t find anything about this earlier)

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It’s quite amazing what can be done with the web audio api these days, and Ableton have put together some beautiful tutorials that work on many levels.

My four year old daughter also had a great time playing with it!

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Tbh, I kinda thought more people would be stoked about this than just me, but it looks like only a few people even glanced at it. On the other hand, the fact that you found it, liked it, and got to share it with your little one makes up for the fact that nobody else seems to care. Taking steps to walk in Dad’s shoes :heart: She’s eager to be also take part in the things she sees you interested in; I’m really glad that she enjoyed it! Nothing beats the feeling of sharing something with your kid that makes them smile, and seeing them learn and take a real interest in that activity! That is a great pic man, you can see the intensity of her focus. She’ll make a fine musician someday too :smile:

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I haven’t checked it out yet but I will. I think I’ve looked at almost everything on the Ableton site. They have some great videos and tutorials.

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