Korg Mono/Poly Snare Drum Concept Patch


Korg Mono/Poly Snare Drum Concept

I tried today to re-create the snare drum patch from my Korg Mono/Poly iPad app, and didn’t quite make it perfect, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. So I figured I would share, and if anyone likes it, feel free to download and use it in your projects or change to fit your needs. It has a bunch of tunable features, and I put notes in it to explain in case anything is unclear.

If you like it, let me know what you like, and if you hate it, please don’t shred me to pieces lol, as this is my first publicly shared patch design, but let me know what I could be doing differently in your opinion. I want to learn just as much as I want to share something that I think others might like to use as well, and I hope to contribute back into the community all that I have been getting out of it. I hope you will all like it. Have a great night everyone! :slight_smile:

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
Version 1.0 Korg Mono:Poly Snare Drum Concept.audulus (30.7 KB) 2/21/19 I just hope you like it!


I thought about this all day at work, on the drive home, and then as I ate dinner. When I got done eating, I went to work making my intended changes. I think the revision I made today is a lot cleaner, and it also sounds better than it did last night. I added a spline to the triple triangle oscillator bank to provide some wave shaping, and I think that helped to give it a better tuned low end sound. Check it out and lemme know what you think. If not for all the amazing patches I see all of my peers post on this forum, I’d swear mine looks almost like it could be relevant lol. Anyway, enjoy! Good night, errrbody! :wink:

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
Version 1.1 Korg Mono:Poly Snare Drum Concept_v1.1.audulus (40.2 KB) 2/22/19 Cleaned up, grouped nodes to make modules, and properly labeled the patching groups. Also added a spline to help with sound tuning/wave shaping.


Nice sounding snare. When you’re happy with it, you should bundle it up into a single module with maybe a pitch, decay, snare level and output volume control.


Wow, that’s a huge compliment coming from you, @stschoen! Thanks so much for your advice, you’re one of the talented crontributors I was referring to in my last post. :slight_smile:

I intend to do just what you mentioned, and when I have it finished, I will package it up as a single module with a few controls and, maybe if I’m lucky, it will make it into the library. I hope to make at least one thing that is useful and impressive enough that it will be put in the new library.


Korg Mono/Poly Snare Drum Concept Patch

I Finished Polishing Up The Patch Form a Few Minutes Ago

I spent all evening again making various improvements and adjustments that I thought would put my patch in line with the community standards. I moved some things around in and out of their node groupings so I could expose the elements I thought would be most useful for anyone who wishes to use it. It can be run with all the internal components on its own; all you need is a speaker node to attach, and just toggle the switch to start with the internal BPM clock, or you can attach any other external clock or gate method, and then make sound adjustments as you prefer. Internal clock must be toggled off though to run smoothly with external clock, as the BPM clock takes precedence in the patch logic. Let me know what you guys think!

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
Version 1.2 Korg Mono:Poly Snare Drum Concept_v1.2.audulus (44.6 KB) 2/23/19 Cleaned up more, added new labels and some other improvements, grouped nodes of similar purposes into modules similar to version 1.1, although it is now a patch that can be used in other projects as a regular patch.


Sounds good. I noticed that the gate input didn’t seem to like a fast set of gates. This is important for the rolls on a snare of course. I am not sure how to adjust for that myself. Someone else might have an idea.

Here is an example. Just unhook either the left or the right channel and you can compare.

Clock Roll.audulus (125.4 KB)


My bad dude. Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile: It actually hadn’t occurred to me that drumrolls might be a thing because I am still in the process of learning what can and cannot [easily] replicate in modular format. I fixed it for the issue you pointed out, though, and as soon as you mentioned it, I knew exactly where the problem was and how to resolve it. Like I said, still learning lol.

I pulled the envelope follower node from the oscillator/gate smear module, and also needed to then pull the smear way down to like between 15-19% seems to be the magic range. 20% gave me kinda sketch outcomes for some reason. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback, and lemme know if you like it or have any other thoughts. Have a great night! :smiley:

Clock Roll.audulus (125.3 KB)