Know Your Nodes pt 6 - Clocks

Here’s a new thing I made! It’s a tutorial on how to make a patch with a master clock and how to sync Audlus with other devices.

Clock and Friends Example Patches.audulus (173.4 KB) - This file has the examples from the clock overview and methods of syncing an Audlus patch to an outside clock.

clock events demo patch.audulus (1.3 MB) - This file has the musical demo patch. I would like to encourage you to make it your own and try to sync Audulus to some external gear.


Still very much enjoying this ongoing series, good sir!


Thanks for the encouragement! I’m trying to make them a little more coherent by scripting them, but they are taking longer to make. Hopefully it won’t be another month before the next one.


Excellent video, as usual. Between your work and Mark’s it hard to see how anyone could get lost!


I found another Audulus clock tutorial! I’ll include a like here as Philippe-Aubert Gauthier covers the topic a little differently.

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