Know Your Nodes pt 4 - Switches

Here is a 10 minute video that has everything you need to know about switches.

Here are the patches I made for the video Switch Video Examples.audulus (122.2 KB)

And here is my private stash of switches I keep in my building folder, in case you don’t have some already. Private stash of switches.audulus (220.7 KB)

That one on the right is 16 LEDs pre wired to 3 demux 16 modules. This is especially handy when making 16-step sequencers.


Excellent work, as usual. Clear and concise. I love the graphics, particularly the light switch. I built my stacked muxes before I started using the crossfade as a switch, so a slightly different approach but the same end result.:cowboy_hat_face:


Me too, actually. I just thought it would be thematically appropriate, and what I usually do these days, to use the crossfade node.