Just wanted to say hi!

Hey y’all, it’s remotely possible some of y’all might remember me. I’m Plurgid from waaaay back in Audulus history. Been a way for a while, because of various things in my life … long and short of it is, I finally broke down and bought a new MacBook, hence I’m able to use a recent version of Logic again, and I was able to install the AU and load up patches I’d built on my iPad years and years ago, and they worked, and they are beautiful, and I just wanted to say thanks to Taylor for making such an inspiring program … one that I always return to, even if I spend time away … when I come back, it still lights my creativity on fire.

way cool. :heart:


Welcome back!

Welcome back Plurgid! I came back myself very recently.

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I can’t wait to see what everyone’s been up to. Some of the modules I picked up on this forum are just amazing. For instance “Fairly Serious Reverb” is one I’ll still go to all the time … just sounds so unique on just about anything.

unfortunately I must spend the day workin’ for the man instead of playing synths, LOL


Hello again @Plurgid! Glad to see you again. I recently got a new computer and and am finally able to run the latest version of things and I still go back to Audulus 3 all the time too.

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