Jam Sesh

I finally came up with a self player that, while simplistic, felt like it was kinda ‘tap your foot with the beat’ good enough to post for others to have a quick listen. It’s only like 4 mins in total, and not nearly as amazing as some of the complex and slowly evolving patches I have seen posted, but it does include alternating beat components, which I could never figure out how to do until now, and I am proud of it. Anyway, I hope some of you will have a listen and like what I made. It’s good to be back, I’ve missed this forum! :smiley:

Jam Sesh.audulus (1.0 MB)


Glad to have you back! Nice patch. I noticed that you weren’t stepping the Neo-Reimannan (NR Triad Transform) transform. You could introduce more variation in the patch by modulating the transform type and stepping it ever few bars. Depending on the particular transforms used it has a tendency to shift the range too high or low, so I generally add an expression noe to reset it if the root gets more than 2 octaves or so away from 0.
Also you have two output modules in the patch, the mixer module you chose has a built in output and then you have added an external on as well. I tried to adjust the patch volume before opening it and found it didn’t change. Less confusing to only have one output.

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My bad on the volume thing! That was known and intended to be fixed, but it slipped my mind. Sorry about that. Also, thanks for the info about the NR transform. Some of the modules are just so complex, I stopped reading the patch notes and just tried to make a use for each one using my best judgement, at a certain point after I had the rhythm section assembled.


No prob! It’s a neat patch the way it stands, I just thought you might have missed the transform. Each gate it receives will transform the current triad into a related one by changing one note of the three. Which note is changed is controlled by the transform setting and the current triad.

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Wow, that is a really neat concept! I will keep that in mind for the next time I use it. Thanks for the explanation :smile: