Is there any reason I can't record with this patch?


Sample & Noise V2.audulus (15.5 KB)

So, to preface: this patch is meant to make feedback and noise. I got the idea from @robertsyrett 's Binary To Decimal Code module, but basically replaced the unit values. Eventually I decided to make it more random, and simply used a bunch of triggered Sample & Holds instead.

The thing is, though, I try to record with this, and it just can’t be recorded. (My current recording setup: Audulus 3 on iOS, fed through Audiobus to Garageband, controlled via MIDI.) Every other module I use in my noise setup comes through perfectly, but not this, and I’m trying to figure out why. Does anyone have any answers? I feel like it’s because of the harshness of the noise, that somewhere the program detects an audio peak and shuts it down, but I don’t have any noise gates or anything on this track in Garageband. Any workarounds or solutions would be greatly appreciated. As always, thanks!


So the output with all switches turned on exceeds -1 to 1

That is probably causing an issue in one of the other apps. You could put a tanh(x) expression on there to tame it

On a side note, I went to modular meet-up where one of the members shared an interesting technique about simulating harmonic distortion of tube amps to by crossfading sine waves in the harmonic series. It seemed like that idea could be useful to you so i have included a patch that might be fun to try out.

Sample & Noise V2 with Tanh and alternate feedback -like sound.audulus (164.2 KB)


Wow, super concise and helpful! Thank you very much, good sir! And I’m definitely going to take a look at that harmonic distortion thing as well—I’m always looking for new ways to make noisy things.


Another thing that can cause problems particularly with some noise sources is very low frequency or DC signals. There’s a DC Blocker node you can insert before the output to block anything below about 20 Hz


Okay, good to know as well! Muchas gracias!


Would anybody know how to sync strip sequencers together? I think @biminiroad had a file on it on the old forum, but I can’t access that file.


What do you mean by hard sync? There is usually a reset on the library modules. You pause the clock and send a gate to the reset and all the sequencers start at the “Min” step.

sequencers with reset.audulus (57.4 KB)


I meant with strip sequencers, like in this example:
Sequence Strip copy.audulus (452.9 KB)

Is there any way to reset this, to sync all the strips without the shift register?


Here’s a version with a reset input

resettable strip sequencer.audulus (26.2 KB)


Much thanks!