Is there an 'ungroup' function? (newbie)

hi there. New to Audulus and very excited to get started. But dabbling today, I came across a potential challenge - how do you ungroup a group? Let’s say, I’m pretty happy with a set of nodes and i want to make them into a module. I group them. Great. But let’s say I want to ungroup it, make some changes, and then maybe even leave it ungrouped?

There doesn’t seem to be a way. Is ‘group’ a one way street? (I don’t mean viewing, I know how to ‘zoom’ back out)


The way I ungroup is “open” the group, select everything, copy, get out of the group and paste. Then just delete the group.

Not ideal, but it’s quick enough and works :slight_smile:

That’s crazy! A good workaround, but I’m really surprised such an advanced high-level app doesn’t have a way to deconstruct a group back to it’s original parts / layout. Surely that’s a crucial function?

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Audulus 4 has some UI fixes in store for us. It’s not the only UI feature I’ve got issues with. But once you use Audulus enough you do learn to work with it a bit. The creative power that Audulus provides is well worth it.

But like you, I do think the UI hinders what could be a more fluid experience.

Welcome to the forum! Glad you’ve joined us. :cowboy_hat_face: I’m curious why you feel “ungroup” should be a critical function. Grouping in no way limits your ability to modify the contents of the group, so it’s not necessary to ungroup items to edit them. It’s merely a way to assemble a set of nodes and submodules into a module that can be used a single component. It’s similar to a function in text base programming environments. As @Pinecones mentioned, you can of course select the contents of a group and copy them, as you could with the contents of a function.

I guess it’s the anal organiser in me!
I don’t like the idea of never going back, especially with something so complicated.
But I tried the copy all / paste method and it was ok - except all the patching had to be re made (in and out of the group).

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You will find a module called a via under the build category in the library. Internally it’s actually just an input and output, but it’s a convenient way to provide a connection point. I often use one in between an input and the rest of a module. This provides a single point to connect the input to the module to either a test circuit or an input node. When doing a copy and paste to ungroup it would make re-connecting the components a bit easier. I often insert an exposed text node into the via for labeling purposes.