iOS step sequencer apps


Hello again everyone! I’m looking for pre-made step-sequencer apps like Modstep, to use with Eurorack via Audulus - as a midi to cv converter for ES-8, and with PC and vst instruments there, probably though StudioMux.

I’m interested in something fairly advanced, so I could write evolving tracks or themes in a somewhat interactive way, rather than having one pattern and using knob tweaking and modulation to make things kind of interesting. (which I love, but wanna grow out of that a bit)

Modstep looks great, so I’ll try it anyway, but it seems abandoned, so I wonder what other interesting things are out there.

I’ve also bought Fugue Machine, and its fun, but limited to only it’s own unique workflow, which is great, but won’t work in all situations.



NordBeat 3 is pretty nice for a free app


A lot of people love Modstep. It has a reputation for being very solid. So, the lack of active development (there are rumors that ModStep 2 is being worked on) may not really be an issue since it seems to be a stable app. The live clip launching is nice, too. Another option is Quantum. Its developer is pretty active on the Audiobus forum. A lot of people love it, also.


The biggest issue with an app not under active development is updates to the OS. Newer versions of the operating system often require updates to the app in order for it to remain useable. I currently have several macOS apps that will require updates in order to work with future versions of macOS. Since some of them are support software for hardware products that are no longer current, I’m not hopeful the they will all be updated. My son had a perfectly good audio interface for his Mac that became useless when macOS was updated and he was forced to buy new hardware.
BeatMaker 3 has a pretty good sequencer, but I don’t find it particularly user friendly. It’s got a long learning curve.