iOS AUM and MIDI out questtion

Hello, i’m newbie here and i have two questions (or, maybe, troubles):

1 (questrion): can i choice MIDI channel, when i use Audulus 4 like midi processor in AUM? I didn’t find it. The MIDI CC module have only number and value of CC.

2 (trouble): when i try to create a midi patch in AUM, Audulus breaks. I use osc for LFO, midi CC module, exprs for numbers and second osc or phasor for trigger.

I wanna create a midi controller for my DAISY PATCH eurorack module firmware, and i wanna use Audulus for it, cos TouchOSC requires switching between applications, and this leads to AUM DSP overload during the session. And i want internal LFOs, seques etc in midi controller… But now i cant do it without normal work of Audulus 4. So far, I’ve decided to create such a midi controller in Drambo.

Welcomed to the Forum! Currently it’s not possible to choose a MIDI channel in the MIDI CC node. Additionally, I don’t believe that the AUv3 Audulus plug-in currently supports MIDI output, so it would be necessary to use the stand-alone version to get MIDI out. The developer is aware of both issues.

Thanks! I gets a MIDI signal from the plugin to control the channel parameters (volume, pan, etc). But then the plugin crushed. I wait, when my two questions will be fixed)