Introduction to Audulus and the Expert Sleepers ES-8 DC Coupled Audio/CV Interface



Maybe y’all can help me on this one - I’m looking to see if i can use an iPad + ES-8 to do the following at the same time, please delete if this is off topic or not appropriate for this thread.

Can I use Audulus to send CV out of the ES-8 to my case and take audio in through the ES-8 to an ipad and record in something like Auria or any other/similar DAW on the iPad at the same time? Is that a possible use case for this combination?


At this time Audulus running in IAA or Audiobus mode is limited to 2 channel operation. That is, you have 2 input channels and two output channels available. It would be possible using AUM or something similar to generate 2 channels of CV out using Audulus, route them via AUM to your rack, and feed the resulting audio back in AUM and then to an IAA or Audiobus aware recording application. When using Audulus as an IAA app, The ES-8 is actually interfacing with the IAA host (e.g. AUM). Audulus IO is to and from the host. The big limitation at this point is the 2 channel limit.


Hi, I come from modular and I am new to ios. Just to sum it up for a noob: if I use Audulus standalone on an iPad I have the full 4in/8out the ES-8 provides. If I use Audulus in Audiobus or AUM i am currently limited to 2in/2out. Right?


For the time being that seems like like the prudent approach.


Thanks! And when I connect the iPad with the ES-8 the headphone out goes silent and I cannot route other apps to it. For example: Modular clock goes into iPad by Es-8, Audulus gives synced CVs by ES-8 to modular, Fieldscaper gives (synced) audio by headphone out to mixer?


I forget it was previously explained on this thread, but the iPad treats the headphone out like a separate audio interface. Since the ES-8 is becomes the audio interface, the headphone jack is disconnected.

But don’t worry, future iPads will no longer have headphone jacks :confused:


:smiley: I’m not worried. I got myself a 2nd hand Air1 mostly to control my rack with Lemur and I guess it will take a while until I upgrade to pro (if I do). Sorry for asking previously answered questions. I read the whole thread before I posted and it was a lot of information scattered across a lot of lines and I just wanted a double check on my summary as I have to decide if I buy the ES-8 or the FH-2


I did want to point out that, although Audulus is currently limited to 2 channel operation using IAA or Audiobus, the other channels of the ES-8 are still available to other AU, IAA or Audiobus apps running within the same host, so you would still have 6 additional output channels and 2 input channels. The AUv3 version of Audulus for iOS is in development and when it becomes available it will be possible to run multiple instances of Audulus, each with 2 input and 2 output channels.


Hey, I wonder if the patch from build podcast #8, custom analog delay is still available?


Believe it’s in the old forum patch collection.

Probably this one:
ES-8 Eurorack Tape Delay IAA.audulus (213.4 KB)


Thanks it is that one! :slight_smile: