Introduction to Audulus and the Expert Sleepers ES-8 DC Coupled Audio/CV Interface



It’s not that I wouldn’t like a Eurorack system, but the cost has always been a major barrier. I’ve toyed with the idea of a DIY rig, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe someday, but there’s so much you can do with digital that I’m certainly not lacking plenty of toys for musical expression.:cowboy_hat_face:


What would you like me to test?


@futureaztec would like to verify whether you can send and receive CV signals via Inter App Audio to and from Audulus when the ES-8 is the hardware I/O on the iPad. Eventually he would like to use Audulus either via IAA or more likely as an AU using BeatMaker as his host DAW and using an ES-8 to provide the hardware interface between the iPad and his modular. This would give him a complete DAW/Audulus environment running on the iPad with the capability to interface with a modular system. He would like to use some of the ES-8 channels as audio but also needs to send and receive CV. Because Audulus using IAA or as an AU doesn’t have direct access to the ES-8, all signals (CV and audio) would have to route through the IAA or AU host. He’s hoping for a multichannel AU plug-in so that he can use all of the ES-8 channels. I’ve been able to verify that a DC or LFO signal can be sent from Audulus via IAA to BM3 or AUM, but have no way to confirm it can be output from either to an ES-8 and then to a modular rack. I also can’t test CV from the rack via ES-8 to an IAA host and then to Audulus. Can you set up Audulus as an IAA effect using BM3, route some CV from your rack through BM3, to Audulus, back to BM3 and back out to the rack? If this works it seems likely it will work for the AU version as well where hopefully we’ll have multichannel IO. If it works as we hope it will be possible to fully use the ES-8 while Audulus is running from within BeatMaker or other host app


This “test” is definately fully on topic with the thread. RRRiiiiigggghhhht?:blonde_woman:t4:



Also, I have both Cubasis and Beatmaker 3 as well as an ES-8 and can run some tests tonight after work as well. I know I’ve recorded thru the Es-8 into Cubasis with the modular rig before and am pretty sure I was also using CV from Audulus, but will need to double check.


Appreciate it.

@stschoen I would also encourage you to consider the DIY route. It looks like quite a few modules are open hardware, so the cost there is way down. I was looking at this site yesterday.


I will test this today when I get home! Keeping my wife company at the office today :slight_smile:


So as soon as Audulus is used as IAA it drops to the 2 inputs and outputs on the ES-8 sadly. My suggestion to keep you still completely mobile would be to get a separate recording device/interface specifically for recording rather than relying on the ipad for that task as well.

I was looking at this site 2 yesterday.
My favorite sites so far have been Modular Addict and Thonk. SynthCube is really good as well.


Well I guess that means we all have to break into Audulus and steal the AUv3 beta so we can have a plugin that can pass CV through all the lanes of the ES-8. I am sure it will take a while before I am up and running so probably by that time it won’t matter.

The trouble with a seperate “recording device” is that I am interested in doing live production work. This is why I am utilizing BM3, for the scene mode, even though it has its limitations.


While there are some IAA apps that support more than 2 channels of audio, it’s not very common. The IAA architecture was initially designed for one stereo pair. Given that the AU is currently under development, adding multichannel support to the IAA interface is probably less important than releasing a multichannel AU. There are only so many hours in a day and @Taylor has to prioritize the features that will bring the most overall improvement to the product.


How do we actually interface the ES-8 to the software?
The link #25 claims to be the software required, but is a dead link.
Google takes me to an old-forums link with what looks like the module, but we cannot make accounts and log in to old-forums, so the attachment is not available.


I answered your question over here! :slight_smile:

Here’s the template.

ES-8 Audulus Module Template.audulus (78.5 KB)