Integrated Gate multiplier & shuffler

Integrated Clock gate multiplier & shuffler

The module produces shuffled gates that keep the integrity of the shuffle/swing when multiplied. It has an internal counter that counts with the swinging 1/16th gates.

I had to give it a go, I started by thinking that when you give a beat a shuffle, you are giving it more of a triplet feel as you approach 66.6 percent, so I added another beat in the gap that opens up and called it a role. I made a multi expression to multiply the gate saws at 1,1.5, 2,3,4,6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 etc, then realised, “hang on! I’m already accounting for the triplet feel with the shuffle/swing aren’t I ?” Then my brain melted. Anyway, because of the modular way the multi knob is built, I was able to put a bias knob in there so that you can decide the likeliness of the multi knob to select multiples of 2 or 3 and just left it like that.


Input Signal Range Notes
Reset 0 / 1
modulation for roll 0 - 1 Turns roll on or off

Output Signal Range Notes
Gate 0 - 1
Multi gate 0 - 1
n-1 0 - inf count


[Knob, Button, Spline, and/or Mapper] Function Notes
BPM Tempo
Shuffle 50 - 100 percent shuffle
Multi 1 - 384 multiplies the tempo of the gates
Bias 0 - 1 produces more multiples of 2s or 3s by changing the areas of the multi knob that select them, lol, try it.
WM 0 - 1 clamped from 0 to 0.49. Needed to make it functional
Roll 0 - 1 on when m>(1-k)

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1 AC Int shuffler & gate multiplier.audulus attachment (28.6 KB) June/21/2019

1.1 | AC Int shuffler & gate multiplier.audulus attachment (29.2 KB) | July 7 2019 | Updated bias knob.


Revision File Date Notes
1 AC Int shuffler & gate multiplier demo.audulus attachment (634.8 KB) June/21/2019

1.1 | AC Int shuffler & gate multiplier demo.audulus | attachment (739.4 KB) | July 7 2019 | Updated bias knob.


Updated Module and demo.

v 1.1 Updated multiples bias knob which was botched together first time around while still figuring it out. I made it accurate now and you can change the amount of multiples internally. A few other changes to the sequencing modules too.

Here’s the finished bias knob which I think is probably inefficient really, maybe a switch with precalculated values would be better but here tis anyway. AC Multis knob.audulus (7.2 KB)


The sound quality on the demo is great.


Thanks for bumping this!


I have to agree with @futureaztec
The demo sounds really great :+1:
I like that you added velocity to all percussions


Thanks, That clap’s got such a nice crunchy mid, it brings the kit together. The sine wavefolder gives a nice mid too.


There’s something about the delay. I’m not familiar with building them but in this one, it sounds good if the L/R divs are in sync. In the following patch I added a 0-1 knob to multiply the divs down in sync and it stays sounding good.
AC Int shuffler & gate multiplier 1.2.audulus (960.9 KB)
I updated everything else, optimized the mixer, updates “Gate select”, trying out different things.
reuploaded, didn’t have turing set right


Such a funky demo!


Got to say that the 3s in the multis are not right. I really thought I had it, it is possible I’m sure I can visualise it so far but am ebbing at the moment will have to revisit it and hope it comes to me when I get flowing again. The 2s and the roll are OK at least.


Debugging is usually tougher the writing the original code. Good luck!


Seconded. @AccidentalCircuits I think it is still pretty dope, even with the few bugs. Very rarely is something complex and awesome like this perfect in the first few iterations. The intent is all there, and other users can see that and appreciate where you are heading. You will figure it out soon enough!

On a relatable note, I am still working on debugging and improving the Volca Audular patch I made. I know I have something that could be as awesome and enjoyable as the 0/1-Toast, Buchlaudulus, Rasmus, etc. but it first needs to be debugged/fixed, and also made easier to understand.

With @stschoen mentioned above in mind - I spent like 2+ weeks putting together all the expressions and signals in a way that I thought would be best. So now I’m sure I will have another month worth of debugging and adjusting or changing. Maybe more? I swear it will be worth it when I finish, and your IGM&S will be too! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies and kind words. I can’t help being ambitious sometimes, not as ambitious to be making synths and filters, need to get kitted out properly first and see where that takes me, but I get so in to it anyway where I’m at, I may not get it first time but just using and learning the language, exploring ideas is all food for that “Eureka” moment …hopefully, when you’re doing something completely different.

Yes I think you can see what I’m trying to do, I’ve done some drumming, all sorts, would really like to emulate some of the rhythms I’ve come across. It would be good to make the multis go at slower divs as well and make a machine that can do the complex cross timings.

With this design, 1 saw cycle producing an 1/8th gate with it’s conplimentary shuffled 1/16 is not lending too well to 3s at the moment when multiplying and keeping the shuffle feel, the design itself needs more thought. Will take time to think of this in different ways and approaches.

Got to say, I’m intrigued and amazed by the modules being made here, watching people going for it on the genius front and coming up with something really good. It’s a real education. I’ll enjoy seeing how your @stevo3985 Volca patch develops.