Intech Studio - Modular MIDI controllers



These seem like they’d be awesome with Audulus - especially when we get MIDI out and can make the lights light up corresponding to things you make in Audulus!


Looks a bit like these from Roli. I’d love to have one of the 2 octave seaboards.


@biminiroad Does it have infinity knobs?

Looks like they would be great for @stschoen’s 4 x 4 Crossbar Modulation Matrix


Endless encoders are a bit of an issue for Audulus at the moment. They typically send a series of Midi CC messages with 127 as the value when you turn them clockwise, and 0 when you turn them counterclockwise. Currently, if you map an endless encoder to a knob in Audulus it goes to max at the first clockwise click and to 0 at the first counterclockwise click. Not particularly useful. Fortunately for me the endless encoders on my UltraNova are converted to standard CC messages by the Automap software included with the unit. It’s in the feature requests and if we get a general purpose MIDI node we’ll probably be able to build our own


I think it is a nice feature to be able to use a knob like that in the way the Elektron products do so that you can use it to menu scan or fine tune or whatever. However, the main reason why I would like this type of encoder is so that you can use the same interface for multiple control applications, where when you switch to, say, a new module, the encoder is not hard set at the wrong value. What I haven’t seen but would like to see though is encoders with some sort of LED that changes the indicated setting when you swap knob interfaces as well as some sort of display that could illuminate a bit of short text above each knob, making life hell of a lot easier when assigning various functions. Surprised that no one has done this on the sort of modular control surface as pictured by Intech above.


Please tell me you have seen this.


Interesting. It’s also interesting that they’ve chosen OSC as a communications protocol rather than MIDI.


You thought these were regular knobs? No, these are knobs to make knob snobs sob.

Birdkids - Crow Intelligence System Modules

I’ve always been suspicious of people that like to fondle their knobs :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah these are awesome. For some reason I think I would want 4x4 though and I am not so sure I would want big knobs. If I has some studio setup with a big Eurorack, sure. But I am more of a portable type guy. These have always interested me:

But they don’t have the text idea above each knob. Though they do have colour coding which is awesome and they are endless knobs.

I have to admit though, some of the functions on those Arc knobs look fairly subtle and intelligent. They also don’t have that toy DJ look about them. Almost a grand though…


Hello, is someone here plays the seaboard block? Please share your experience!


I think @taylor has one?