Infuriating (iPhone/iPad) Forum Module Download Issue Fix Here

!!! 2020/12/02 TESTED FIX HERE !!!

For anyone having trouble with (the infuriating issue of) .txt being appended to iOS module/patch files from the forum:

If you follow the link at the bottom of this post, you can download the script (which I just tested again to take the displayed screenshots included for anyone who prefers visual instructions) into Shortcuts. Once you have the Shortcuts script, it should appear by default in your Safari Share Menu options (I can only vouch for Safari, as I don’t typically use any other browser on iPad/iPhone), where you can move it up or down the list as you see fit. Once you have that, click any desired [module or patch].audulus file, skip ‘Download’ and select ‘View’ instead. When it opens to the text file, click the share sheet icon in the navigator bar at the bottom and select ‘Download File’. You will see the script begin to execute, and then a screen will appear indicating that Files is going to save the downloaded module. You can rename it by selecting the name of the file next to the picture if you want, then select the location where you want it to go, and the script will dump it there when you click Save. No more complex, multi-app or multi-system shuffle necessary any longer!

Fix here —> Download Audulus Module Shortcut Automation

I told @stschoen I would post this up fresh again in its own thread, and maintain it if he makes it a persistent front page thread.

FYI, sometimes, this workflow can get corrupted over time in the Shortcuts app, with seemingly no (recallable) occurrence happening to break it. 9/10 times, it can be fixed just by simply downloading the linked automation again and overwriting the existing version on your device. Please also make sure you are following the instructions above for correct usage.

If you have followed all instructions, and it is still not working, (which has happened 2x due to major version upgrades (i.e. iOS 13 —> iOS 14) IIRC :thinking:), please be sure to comment this thread to let me know. I may need to make another few small adjustments to the script or procedure to make it work again.

I hope this will save all current members and any newcomers some anger over the alternative, the two device shuffle that requires access to a Mac also, or using multiple apps to rename and remove the .txt suffix that is automatically appended without this fix.

Happy New Year, everyone! :partying_face:

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