I snuck Audulus into a music video I created



Know your Waveform node :blush:


Nice video! Looking forward to checking out the new album.

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure was my introduction to Matmos and a big favourite of mine when it came out all the way back in 2001. That was also when they did some great work on Bjork’s Vespertine album.


Yeah! That was my intro to them as well. They were my friend’s brother’s band, and so I got to know them. Eventually I even got to make some album art for them back when they were on Matador Records:

So yeah, I was happy to get to work with them again.


This is AMAZING Robert! So much character to the little monsters. Really loved the way it came full circle at the end. Best kinda music video - there’s sort of some kind of plot, it sort of might have some meaning to it, but it’s mostly focused on the rhythm and tone of the music. Fantastic job!


Great work. My wife enjoyed it too when I played it for her.


Vespertine was my introduction to Matmos and Bjork back in the day. I went out of my way to look up who she had worked with on some of those beautiful beats. Fantastic work as always, sir.