I made an album with my modular and Audulus



All the tracks have Audulus in use either as a generative sequencer or as a sound source/effect used in combination with my Modular Set-Up. There is a lot of DPO and Noise Reap Bermuda oscillators. I also played a lot of piano along with the patches as well as some toy instruments (toy piano, xylophone, zither). A cat also helped out by making meowing sounds indicating I was paying insufficient attention to her.

Here are some download codes you can use here: https://greendaruma.bandcamp.com/yum



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Sweet! Always enjoy the music you post and am looking forward to checking this one out!


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Mikan Yuzu is my favourite :grinning:.


I really like “SOS: Late Night Freak Out.” I am designing decals for a compressor pedal and it’s putting me in a great creative mindset…


It could be interesting to have a little breakdown of the gear/patches you used for each track.


Nice drawing on the cover.


Can do! Let me put some time into it, I’ll do a run down tomorrow probably.


Here is a comprehensive run down of what was going on.

Recording Setup: Ableton 9 Standard running on a Windows 10 laptop, I was using the one ES-8 and a Scarlett 2i2 for recording.

Acoustic Instruments: Piano, Toy Piano, Xylophone, Auto Harp

Modular rig: Was something like this although I’m a little hazy since I have reordered things several times since the recordings were made. I had an iPad Pro plugged into one of the ES-8s running Audulus and a Digitakt plugged into Yarns.

Additional effects: Moogerfooger M-104 (Big Briar edition), Fostex Dual Spring Reverb Tank, Strymon El Capistan digital tape delay. ALL songs have Fostex Reverb in the mix.

  1. The Lost Village - The chord progression came first for this one and after recording the piano part, I used Audulus to make some sound effects while I played a poly patch on the modular. The toy piano and whistling going through various effects were added as overdubs.

  2. A Bell, A Plate, And a Cat - I made a patch in Audulus that made a generative baseline in a given key on an FM patch and a second sequenced line that was controlling rings. I played along on Piano, except that the cat needed some attention in the middle of the song so I spent a little time petting her.

  3. The Circular Stream - Audulus was creating 4 streams of euclidean sequences which were being sent to The Bends where they were mixed together into stepped sequences. From there they were Quantized in Ornament and Crime and used to control the DPO and Bermuda which were routed through the moddemix and optomix (which was being plucked). The swelling of the mix was achieved by sending a euclidean rhythm to the tap tempo input of peaks on tap LFO mode and using that instead of an envelope. Additional layers of modulation and processing were provided by the springray II and maths.

  4. Ancient Machinary - First section is a generative Audulus patch which is modulating a filter and the DPO. The second section is a drum beat made by programming Peaks in Drum mode and braids in hi-hat mode with Pamela’s New Workout. The DPO is running into optomix again to create plucked vactrol percussion and rings is being fed filtered noise from a disting to create a cello-like sound, which is being auto-panned by The Bends.

  5. Afternoon Shadows Dance Upon The Walls - This started as an Audulus demo patch for the forum which (I think) is another FM patch being run through a waveform animator. A second generative sequence is being sent to a Bermuda Oscillator which is being distorted by the TG4 Modulator (Jfet VCA). I am playing along with the piano, which is being processed by the Chrono Blob with a lowpass filter in the Delay Loop.

  6. Mikan Yuzu Tangerine - This also started off as a demo patch for the Audulus forum, two demo patches actually! I set up a super long automated crossfade between the two patches and improvised the rest in real time on xylophone and auto harp running though moog delay. I then overdubbed some ethereal noises to create a sense of environment.

  7. SOS: Late Night Freak Out - This was mostly a digitakt sequence on loop, with Rings, Braids, and the DPO being sequenced by Yarns and drums coming directly from the digitakt. Audulus was providing a bank of random voltages. All the synth parts were mixed within the modular and sent though El Capistan, which was in sound on sound (SOS) mode. The original recording was about an hour long and filled with patch changes that I can’t even begin to recall (this was recorded after 2am after all). The next day I edited it down to the most interesting bits. Once I had the shortened version I and the cat improvised on top with piano and additional delay effects.

So I think that covers the gear and patches as best as I can recall.

Also, Seiji Yonehara was kind enough to provide the album art.


Great. Thanks!


Finally had a chance to listen to the whole album. Just had cataract surgery on my second eye, and I was saving your album to listen to while I was offline. Great piece of work! I particularly liked Afternoon Shadows. Thanks for sharing. :cowboy_hat_face:


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This album is AWESOME! I loved listening to it while working on documentation. It’s really varied and a good balance of musical and experimental.


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Well done!