I lost my original I’ll do this license and I can’t remember what email account it’s on::

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do I’ve made a lot of money for the iOS app and the Mac app now I have several Apple IDs and on those I have multiple email accounts linked in I just can’t remember where the license was sent and I just refuse to pay that much money twice even though I really like this app contacting Support didn’t help much anyone have any tips? :disappointed:

Im sorry, dictation isnt as sophisticated as I thought, haha, but I think its clear enough

I don’t think there’s any way a developer can identify which AppleID was used to purchase an app from the App Store. You’ should be able to login using each of your IDs and check purchased apps until you find the one you used to buy Audulus. For iOS and Mac the App Store handles the licensing, not the app developer.