I feel like I've been using Audulus wrong?

Just to clarify: I don’t think there’s a “right” way to use Audulus; I think it exists as you need it to exist: and that’s the exact thing that I feel like I haven’t realized until now. Over the last few months, I’ve been reaching out into more physical territory, buying a ton of guitar effects, and probably in the next few days an Arturia synth, and I only just realized this: that I don’t need to built patches in the same way other people build patches on here.

I think I got Audulus primarily as a cheaper and less headache-inducing alternative to a physical modular system. While eurorack looks so damn cool, it’s just not a rabbit hole I should be falling down at this point in time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t replicate modular setups in Audulus. What I like about modular is the ability to change things in an instant, with just a couple of patch cables: there’s enormous potential to improvise with that, so, like, what’s stopped me from doing that in Audulus? I don’t know…I’m sorry if this is all coming out kind of like word vomit, or that it maybe shouldn’t be posted because it offers no real information, but it’s all just food for thought. Thanks for reading, and thanks, as always, for all of you on the forum: you’re all awesome.


I know what you mean. Audulus was an alternative to modular for me as well. Eurorack is very appealing but a bit too expensive for my budget. When I first purchased Audulus I didn’t appreciate how much depth it has. I think of it as a toolbox for creating sound. It’s certainly flexible enough to use in many different ways.
Since starting with Audulus I’ve acquired an UltraNova and a couple of Behringer synths and I’ve found that they all work together pretty well. In the end I’m very happy with my mixed setup.

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A mixed setup is definitely ideal. I like being able to fiddle with knobs, but it’s also super nice to be able to have an entire setup on your computer/tablet.

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