I cant get external midi to control Audulus

Hey all

I have been spending time with Audulus and want to send midi from a tracker like Sunvox/Renoise into it. I cant seem to get this to work using the midi tools available, what am I doing wrong? Midi seems to only work with the internal keyboard.

I originally wanted to get this to work on my Ipad but I also would like to know for OSX aswell

Thank you

Welcome to the forum! There are four nodes in Audulus that Respond to incoming MIDI messages. The most important of these is the keyboard node. It receives MIDI note-on messages and outputs the note frequency and a gate that is proportional to the note velocity. You can select Omni to receive MIDI on any channel or select a specific channel from 1 to 16. It supports single note legato as well as polyphony up to 16 notes. There is also a pitch bend node and knobs and triggers can also receive MIDI messages.

You should be able to send MIDI from any compatible device to either the iPad or Mac. For a DAW like Renoise the challenge is getting MIDI from the app to either the iPad or another stand-alone Mac app. There is an AU available for the macOS version of Audulus although it uses a pretty old version of the code.

Iā€™m not familiar with Renoise but it might be possible to send MIDI to the iPad using a network MIDI connection and to the stand-alone version of Audulus using an IAC MIDI port. At least I have been successful using this approach with Ableton Live. Another option for the iPad is an app called midimux. It has a small server that runs on the Mac and uses the iPad lightning connection to send midi to and from the Mac to the iPad.

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