How to use trigger node to select a step

Hello there,

So I’m building a sequencer, inspired by Impromptu Modular sequencers for VCV Rack, or their live note input features, to be specific. It kinda works already!

The idea is: while the sequencer is running, I want to select a step and enter a note from the midi keyboard into it. You can think of it as an arpeggiator, which holds all notes for you, and you can change any of these held notes on the fly.

I’ve reached farther than I expected myself to, and I made the whole thing work with a knob with values from 0 to 7.99, which chooses a step for entering a note.

Problem is I want to press a button and go to a specific step, instead of scrolling though steps.

I think what I need is an expression which could help me route 8 triggers and make them communicate with Demux node, which in turn maps the midi keyboard node to one of 8 sample-n-hold nodes.


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Here ya go!

Sequencer Switch Number.audulus (5.9 KB)


WOW, this is a thing of beauty :blush: Thank you so much!

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Word! I had to do something similar for the sequencer controller for my Plaits drum machine:

It was for the auditioning buttons so you could try each sound out and tweak them without the sequencer running.


Related: is there a version of up-counter floating around that has extra inputs for resetting the count or setting to an arbitrary count?

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If you look inside this sequencer, it has a pretty nice counter in it that does a few things:

8 Step Sequencer.audulus (127.7 KB)

@stschoen made it

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Tx for the tip!

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Here’s a resettable counter that has an input for the reset value. Counts from 0 to the limit
Reset Value Counter.audulus (10.8 KB)