Hope and Despair

Hope and Despair.audulus (1.4 MB)

Don’t forget to turn the sound up and start the clock.


Nice! This one had a straight up horror vibe to me. Appropriate title.

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Very nice. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Wow! Verry nice patch :+1:

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Hey @stschoen I don’t quite remember this Harmonium Oscillator. Is there a module topic somewhere on this one?

I posted the original on the old forum. The module in this patch was a modification by Rudiger Meyer. The original was basically an additive synth voice. You could control the amount and phase of each partial. Rudiger modified it to allow detuning each partial.

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This was the final version of the original module. It featured the first 16 harmonics of the input 1 per octave pitch. Each harmonic has an adjustment for level and phase.
STS harmonic osc model 2 V2.2.audulus (160.4 KB)
Here’s one without the display:
STS harmonic osc model 1 V1.3.audulus (110.8 KB)
It uses brute force anti-aliasing. Since each partial is a sine wave it simply chops off any above half the Nyquist frequency.


Really well done! However, I am actually pretty amazed that my iPhone didn’t burst into flames in my hand lol, the CPU was consistent running at 49% for 6.2 minutes (according to your loop Automator thing). It got uncomfortable, nervous a little bit kind of hot in my hand. I don’t think I have ever pushed a handheld device that hard previously. The XS Max really is a spectacularly capable phone!

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