Hold Seq


Hold Seq

808 Style Sequencer


  • added third bpm setting
  • opened up the cable hubs so you can see how it all connects
  • fixed technical error to kick pitch down gate

Hold Seq v013u.audulus (1.6 MB)

v013zzzzz (DEMO)

  • starting to add bells and whistles to the demo to make it more listenable
  • note: bass won’t release with the pitch drop (Asking brain for solution)
    • news: (Half working hack jobs figured. Feel like answer is near. Any tips appreciated)
    • news: (Arg)
  • fixed technical error to demo bass (and kick) pitch down gate
  • added alternating kick button
  • beginning to make drum parts into modules
  • lfo added to bass
  • rearranged bass amp
  • snare level button
  • simplified hats
  • defeat buttons on instrument modules
  • arranged module layout
  • made a little sub sequencer with the clock out

Hold Seq v013zzzzz.audulus (701.1 KB)