Help with musical subdivisions

Having a bit of a brain fart and can’t think what order subdivisions go in.

I’m trying to make a helper module that will adapt to any delay knob in the new library and add tempo sync (rather than having a separate tempo sync delay).

Does the order go:

1/8 dot
1/8 triplet
1/4 dot
1/4 triplet

Or something else?

It’s surprisingly hard to find a chart that just lists this notes from smallest to largest time period.

I want to scale all of the delay modules’ knobs in the library so they go from 0 to 20 seconds (the delay node max) and so instead of having on-board sync, you just hook up this to the delay knob or sync input so you could use the Delay Sync to do rhythmic delays and the Loop Sync to turn the delays into loopers.

From slowest to fastest: 1/4 dotted, 1/4, 1/4 triplet, 1/8 dotted, 1/8, 1/8 triplet, 1/16 dotted, 1/16, 1/16 triplet.


I don’t have much knowledge on this but I can share these pics from an app I have, it may share some insight? I don’t know.


This would be so great. I can’t run my AUv3’s and Audulus, which means I can’t use Kosmonaut.

Delay Sync Problem.audulus (725.6 KB)

Can someone go into the module here and help me with the correct multipliers for the clock? I’m running in circles lol. I think I have them all right except for 1/4 triplet.

Delay Sync Solved.audulus (746.7 KB)

@stschoen helped me! Yay. Here’s a solved version. I added a slew limiter to the time knob in the delay so that it would smoothly transition between values when a sample & hold is modulating the delay sync module. I also added the Dsyn or delay sync input so you could independently modulate the time knob too.

Check it out!


That’s a sick patch.

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