Hello hello!


I thought I’d introduce myself as I’m new here…
I came to Audulus while planning this new eurorack setup:
Magneto rack - Modular Grid
I’m playing with a small Buchla 200 setup (basically a Music Easel, a 266 and a 2OC) and the initial idea was to add a small eurorack skiff for some delay (Strymon Magneto) and modulation.
But I guess I got carried away with the idea of an Es-8 and Audulus as a blank composition slate within that setup.
Also I’ve been busy building some synthesizers these past years (the Buchla setup is DIY, amongs other exciting instruments…) and the building part of Audulus is really appealing to me.
This rack is still a work in progress and won’t come together until a couple of month but I’ve been slowly learning Audulus in the mean time.
There we go, new exciting sound adventures! :hugs:


Welcome aboard.Glad to have another Audulus enthusiast! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Quality choices right there.

Do you have any links to music?

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Hello Stephen and Robert,

Yes, I actually realized after posting that I wasn’t mentioning too much about the music :hushed:
Here the last full length album I did with a friend. (he’s more on the more classic side of things, bass guitar, keyboard…)
Tiwakawaka Meets Lalae-Idjidja in the Depths of the Ancient Temple
Back then, the set up was more like this : Ancien Temple setup
There are more stuff with me (aka Tiwakawaka) on that bandcamp.
And also some more single sounds on soundcloud, nothing too serious :wink:
I’ve been moving from France to Canada since that these collabs and honestly haven’t gotten around to finish too many music projects, but I’m getting back into it!

Oh, and thanks Robert for the Know your nodes series, very nice way to dive into Audulus :+1:


Especially nice! Just curious if you went with mostly Mutable Instruments as a former resident of france or it just fit the sounds you were looking for. Whatever the case, I think it sounds great. The choice to have an electric bass really grounds the more experimental tones for the listener’s enjoyment.

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Yes I really liked that setup, almost to the point of regretting expanding it later on…
I’ve been following the work of Mutable Instruments for a while now, since the DIY Shruthi times, before it went modular. I really like her work ethics (open source, local production…). And it’s always honest, robust and creative designs. (and affordable too!)
I’m glad she’s being successful, even if it was probably easier and funnier for her to deal with smaller scale products.
Thanks for your feedback on the music! I miss these sessions as this fellow musician has an open ear for modular weirdness :slight_smile:


Totally agree. It might interest you to know that Papernoise, who designed all the MI modules with Émilie also designed the Audulus UI and logo. I didn’t realize that myself until recently.

It’s really interesting how the soft power of MI’s open source approach has expanded. It’s been a staple of people making arduino synths and the like for a while, but it’s finally becoming more widely accepted by larger companies like Arturia. I hope that makes the road ahead easier for MI, because I have a feeling that she can’t stay small scale forever if this keeps up!

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