Harmonic Holiday



I was making a stereo FM patch in Audulus and I still had it hooked up to Ableton from when I was recording a ‘Know Your Nodes’ video. So I decided to see if I could clock Audulus with an Ableton Kick Drum. It worked, so I recorded a couple parts using interconnected sequencers to create a chord progression. Then I overdubbed a bass and a melody with Operator in Ableton 9 Standard.

stereo fm strings.audulus (388.8 KB)

peng marimba.audulus (432.6 KB)


Very nice! It also has my wife’s seal of approval, which, for anything electronic, is quite a feat. Love the graphics as well.


Thanks! Hopefully I will continue to expand what I can do with the graphics and make some little movie type things.


Sounds great! I totally pictured a quirky little stop motion animation while this was playing.


I would love a stop motion light box to do stuff like that. I wonder how much of a hassle it would be to DIY it? Maybe I could go for that Michel Gondry look.