Hardware modules to complement Audulus and matriarch setup

Hi all, looking for some advice.

I haven’t taken the plunge into modular systems yet, but I have a moog matriarch and I am planning on getting an ES-8 or 9 in order to integrate it with Audulus. if I have to get an ES-8 or 9, I figure I might as well have some other hardware modules too so that it’s not just sitting on its own in a case.

Are there modules that you would recommend to complement this set up? I’m thinking either utility modules that would make it easier to work between Audulus and the matriarch, or modules that do really cool things that just couldn’t be implemented easily inside Audulus.

Open to any and all suggestions :slight_smile:

I can sympathize. I built a small 95 HP eurorack case to hold my ES-8. So far I have a power supply and the ES-8 installed and nothing else. I have a Behringer Neutron and Model D semi-modular I use with Audulus and the ES-8. I’ve been considering adding some of the newer Behringer modules since they’re very attractively priced. I’m mostly interested in utility modules. One strong possibility is a MIDI to clock module: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MIDI2Clk--erica-synths-midi-to-clock-module-v2-eurorack-module. Audulus doesn’t currently have the ability to sync to MIDI clock so something like this could be useful. The most difficult things to recreate in Audulus are reverbs and filters. You can get pretty close, but the analog versions are hard to duplicate. They also tend to be pretty CPU intensive.

I think the best strategy is to start with the ES-8 or ES-9 (personally I would go for the ES-9) and then see what makes the most sense. I was considering a sequencer, but ended up getting a Digitakt rather than a Eurorack version.

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If I had only one module to choose from it would be a ER-301, you would need a budget and patients as well as it is very expensive and a handbuilt module so it is slow to produce, it is also brilliant and well-thought-out. A ER-301 is a single Module that contains a entire Eurorack platform in that module, it operates much like Audulus in that it is a node based system, you can build instruments, create filters, modulate signal, sample, do granular synthesis, master signal and much, much more. If you think about it it actually cheap at 900.00 plus shipping, as my current setup in modular has easily seen me pass through more than 5k or more just “getting it right for me” and still has not equaled what’s possible in a single ER-301 module. Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccuBRpixpmc . When you get into hardware modules, planning is much cheaper than trial and error. Try to envision your needs, it will help greatly, have in depth understanding of your instrument, so you can work around its shortcomings. Anyway, atb and good luck and remember to have fun!

@Moogaphonic wow that looks deeeeeep! I see what you mean about how much it can do in one module. I think at least for now though I might keep Audulus as my one rabbit hole of infinite possibilities. Thanks for sharing. I definitely agree about planning. There’s just so much out there!

@stschoen interesting that you mentioned filters. Literally one of the first things I was planning to do was use Audulus to give each oscillator its own filter and envelopes to turn it from 4 voice paraphony to 4 voice polyphony! I’ll admit I haven’t done any comparisons of the filters in Audulus against real or even vst filters. I hadn’t considered that they might be a useful addition. Thanks!

Audulus does a pretty decent job at modeling filters but it’s difficult to get a digital filter to sound as good as an analog one. You’ll find models for most of the popular filter types and they sound pretty good for the most part, but probably not as good as the Moog. What you have in mind will certainly be possible. The biggest issue I can see with using the oscillators from the Matriarch (I’m jealous BTW) and filters/envelopes in Audulus will be figuring out how to manage the envelope triggering. I guess you’d have to separate the Matriarch keyboard from the oscillators if that’s possible and use a polyphonic keyboard node. CV out via the ES-9 for the oscillator pitch, oscillator audio into Audulus also via the ES-9. Interesting problem. I can see a bunch of possibilities. Honestly, I would hold off on buying any more Eurorack modules until you’ve had a chance to use the ES-8/Audulus to see what would be the most useful for you. I keep thinking about different modules that might be useful but so far I haven’t found anything that I just “gotta have”. A Disting MK II is high on the list of possibilities just because it’s so flexible.

I would recommend making music as much as possible. One of the constraints is that when you try to get Audulus to do everything, you run out of CPU. By outsourcing some of that load to hardware modules, it makes it possible to use Audulus to compliment the setup, rather than the reverse. Basically, it’s almost impossible to imagine all of the details until you get going.

At the same time I have always enjoyed staying in the Audulus screen, so that I am in a flow state for as long as possible. One of the less talked about challenges to all of this is actually getting to the music part, rather than the research, purchasing and troubleshooting connectivity endlessly.

Personally I think about needing a kick drum, some percussion, a bassline, pads, leads, etc. All of that requires sequencing.