Getting audio into audulus AU in Ableton Live

Hi, I’m just starting out with audulus and I’d like to use it as a VST / AU in Ableton live - to use it as an audio effect. The AU loads no issues but when you bring it up in Live it loads it as a midi instrument, which only has midi inputs and no audio inputs, usually you can work around this by sending an audio track into the midi track (when the VST also takes in audio) but audulus doesn’t seem to have any audio routings in Ableton live when you load it up as a VST / AU. Am I missing something, when i load up an adc or an audio in module I still can’t get audio in. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

This is a known issue. There’s no current workaround AFAIK

Its it just with Live or all DAW’s?
I might try presenting an audio in from maxforlive to the midi channel. That might work.

I haven’t spent a lot of time working on it but I wasn’t able to get any audio into the AU. I might try it in Reaper but I suspect it might have the same problem