General MIDI Polyphonic Drum Trigger with Velocity


General MIDI Drum Trigger with Velocity

These are an 8 and 4 channel polyphonic drum trigger that outputs a velocity sensitive gate for each channel when the assigned MIDI note is received. It adopts the general MID standard for percussion so it’s preset to MIDI channel 10 and the note range is from 35 to 81. Each of the channels can bet set to any of the available notes. The MIDI channel and note range can easily be altered by editing the module.


Input Notes
Input is via an internal MIDI keyboard node preset to MIDI channel 10

Output Signal Range Notes
gates 1-8(4) 0-1 gate gates are velocity sensitive and are relative to the note-on velocity with a velocity of 127 outputting 1


Control Function Notes
MIDI Note value sets the MIDI note that the channel responds to range is from notes 35 to 81


Meter Displays Notes
active light each channel has a light in the center of the knob that indicates when the channel is active lights are not velocity sensitive

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
2.0 General MIDI Drum Trigger V2.0.audulus (76.2 KB) 09/25/2019 initial upload


Revision File Date Notes

None at this time



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