Why is Audulus constantly freezing (every other time) so that I have to keep swiping up to kill the app and reload it. I am using an iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 13.3.1

What happens when it crashes? Does it just freeze or just the sound stops etc? Does it crash on launch, or when you open a patch? Are you using the internal mic and speaker or do you have an audio interface connected?
Might be stupid questions but have you tried rebooting the phone? How about deleting and reinstalling Audulus?

The symptom is a freeze. Usually the cpu% freezes. It has been gong on for months so I figured a reboot was not the answer. Maybe bad thinking there, since after a few tests it seems to be helping. I’ll keep an eye on it.

As far as deleting and reinstalling, I have patches everywhere. I was trying to be disciplined and actually not use iCloud — partly because data transfers consume fossil fuels, but also because I want to be able to have everything not relying on whether I have the internet (re: fully portable modular). That being said, I have found the file management so whacky with iOS that I end up just doing whatever half the time so I don’t loose my creative flow state. So, when this screen came up

I decided to wait and see if just the reboot works.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have been feeling irritated lately because I seem to be surrounded by brokenness everywhere. I drove an hour this morning to pick up a door had machined to spec, went to hang it and the hinges were wrong. I have a feeling they gave me someone else’s order. My arms have been so sore and I just ended up having to now load two doors back to back alone so that I can show them what they should have given me. Sorry if I seem unappreciative. :no_mouth:

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Believe me I know what you mean. Seems like no one takes any pride in what they do anymore, only how cheap can we get it out the door. I ordered a storm door a while back and when it arrived, one of the hinge pockets was machined upside down. What a PITA. I had to send photos, explain exactly what was wrong twice, etc. They finally shipped me a new one but it was a real hassle. I had a Leatherman tool break a couple of months ago. No sweat. Filed a claim, sent it back, they sent me a new one. No third degree or waffling. I’ll never buy a multitool from anyone else.

I’ve played around with switching iCloud on and off. Seems like you can store your stuff in the cloud, delete and reinstall the app then move your stuff back and then turn it back off. If necessary, let me know and I’ll do some testing for you. I store everything in the cloud so I can move back and forth easily.

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I can confidently eliminate the reboot as a solution for the freezing. I might have to try the iCloud restore method you suggest.

I tested it this morning. You can select your files and move them to iCloud. It will actually copy them when you choose move. Once all your files are copied to the cloud you can delete Audulus. Re-install and then move your files back. At this point you will have a set in the cloud and a set on your iPad. You can then turn off iCould as an option in Audulus and work locally. No guarantees of course that the reload will help but it’s certainly worth a try. BTW are you running Audulus standalone when it freezes or as an IAA or Audiobus client?

I wanted to add that I’m experiencing similar freezing on an iPad Air 1st Gen running iOS 12.5.5.

My situation is slightly better in as much as I don’t need to quit the app fully to get things running again - I just press the home button, then reopen the app - once or twice is doing the trick and then I can continue. But it’s a bit annoying so far.