Frap Tools Falistri - inspired by graphics by stschoen?




Look closely here @stschoen - you might see a graphic that looks familiar!

I love their UI design, btw. It’s some of the best in Eurorack today. As complex and winding as Make Noise modules without being so punk rock illegible (I love you Make Noise, don’t sweat).

They really pack a lot into one module!


Love that front panel design!


I see the curves, yeah! On the whole, I wish Frap Tools would label a little more clearly.


It’s Out!


Looks like a nice flexible module. I still like their UI design , but like the uModules it can be a bit obscure at times.


The overview and demo definitely clarified. This is the most compelling Maths alternative yet, IMHO.


At times I regret not investing in a eurorack system, but honestly there are so many interesting modules available that it would be very difficult to decide. @futureaztec agonized for months to come up with something that met his specific requirements. Knowing how much of a pack rat I am, I would undoubtedly end up having most of my money invested in racks and cables because I couldn’t bear to give anything up.


I was just using your ASDR and the video 23%20PM clued me into envelope modulation finally, because I can see it on that scope in real time.