Feature Request Megathread



I wasn’t implying that obfuscation was necessarily a bad thing. You could argue that it’s always preferable to know exactly what a control does, but sometimes I think being in the dark encourages more exploration and leads to unanticipated results. One of the things I found appealing about the Benjolin was the completely unpredictable nature of its output.


Ah reading my comment it seems a bit snarkier than I intended :sweat_smile:

There is definitely room for the more cryptic designs outside the basic modules library. Heck, that’s like my whole game plan!


will there be anything like delwrite/delread from pure data in audulus4?


Yep! :+1:


FWIW, I’m still maybe a few hours into dabbling with this software, but I find most of the icons very easy to understand. It’s just that when I load one of the example patches I’m constantly like, “what’s that module (or node)” If the ctrl click menu just said what that module/node was called it’d be incredibly helpful.


Keyboard shortcuts on iOS.


Like copy/cut/paste?


Yeah, and more!

cmd N New Node/pull up node list
cmd M New Module/pull up module list
cmd S search in
cmd E new Expression Node
cmd E edit Group
cmd G group
cmd A select all

cmd/control 1…9 save module clipboard
1…9 paste module

idk, just riffing on my head from other apps that have keyboard shortcuts for iOS. i can imagine so many others.

it may bridge the gap between the mac version and the ios version as far as speed and ease of creation.


oh yeah, I forgot Apple has an official iPad bluetooth keyboard now. They are slowly catching up with the Surface tablet series.


I do have a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and iPhone, the official iPad keyboard is a magnetic SmartConnector (which i believe is controlled by voltage). Yeah, having both multitouch touchscreen and tactile keys is great!


I would love shortcuts like that on the official Apple iPad Pro keyboard.


I really like the keyboard shortcut idea actually, would persuade me to buy one of those pricey Smart Keyboards!


Some file/patch management requests for iOS:

  • Save a copy as and Save As from within an Audulus document
  • Revert (to last saved version) command from within an Audulus document

I find that the current patch/file management is cumbersome on iOS – especially if you are exploring someone else’s patches (or my own old patches). If I forget to duplicate the file and work on a copy, I find myself accidentally mangling what was a great patch. When working on patch, it would be so great to Save A Copy As when I find settings or a state that I like from within the app and continue working (Saving Copies as I go). It would also be very helpful to be able to Revert to the last saved state.

Love Audulus and looking forward to what is coming.


Audulus uses the file management system provided by iOS. I know that it’s a pain to have to close the patch in order to duplicate a patch, but Audulus is only following the guidelines provided by Apple. If you look at Apple’s own apps, you will find that they use the same approach to file management. Given the tight integration of iCloud with iOS and the complexity of managing a distributed file system, writing your own code would be a major job. Using the file management system provided by Apple allows @Taylor to focus on the most important parts of the app and also insures compatibility with future versions of iOS. I believe that he has previously mentioned investigating a revert option.


What I have suggested can be done without violating any iOS guidelines and can be accomplished with existing APIs. Many iOS apps provide similar functionality. I maintain that with an app whose projects have the complexity of Audulus projects that is really pretty critical for users to be able to able save snapshots of their work without having to interrupt their workflow. As I said, lots of iOS apps let you save, export, save as, and revert without leaving a project. It can be accomplished without tons of programming hours and will be of huge benefit to users.

I don’t believe that any of what I suggested would require using anything other than existing file calls. For instance, Save A Copy (or Export As) could be added to the menu of commands that you get when you tap (or is it long tap) in empty space. It could bring up OS’s file browser or even just save the copy to the same directory as the original file exists in. Similarly, Revert (or similar functionality could be added by adding a command in the same menus where Undo appears).

The current behavior adds a lot of overhead and makes it hard to get a project back to a desirable state.


I would think that an export option, possibly using the share dialogue, would be relatively straightforward.


I am not sure if this thread is meant for minor issues like this (all on the current Mac version):

  • When editing an expression node, Cmd-C invokes Cancel (Revert changes and close modal dialog) instead of Copy (the selected text). Pressing Esc on the other hand does nothing.
  • It would be great if the edit dialogues of various nodes could be opened by double-clicking on them.
  • It is standard behaviour on the Mac to make copies of objects by option-dragging them (files in Finder, shapes in Illustrator). Bringing this to Audulus would be also great. Moving the canvas is often invoked by holding the space bar and dragging the pointer.
  • Is there a way to filter/search for patches and modules on the Mac?

Small UI related issues like this add unnecessary friction. So I guess the Mac version is a bit held back by your efforts to keep the two versions as close as possible. On that note, why are there no toolbars on either platform whatsoever? I’d also like a status bar where the patch name, value of selected knob or various other bits could be displayed.

These additional bars and panels could be hidden of course. You could also do a “performance mode”, where the interface is greatly reduced and editing locked down.

It is of course a great machine! First software in a while that really excites me. :smile:


Good suggestions. As @stschoen mentioned, UIDocument practically forces you to use an auto-save model. But I’ll add an undo-based revert and an Export As in Audulus 4. :slight_smile:


FYI the copy command in the main edit menu does work when editing expressions. Don’t know why cmd-C isn’t mapped to copy.


UI Features

  1. Sort of a fix: Change the copy/paste stacking (aka z axis) so that an exposed object that’s copied and pasted appears on top os the stacking. It’s been frustrating to duplicate a text object, for example, and have the pasted version appear underneath the original in the UI of the patch.

  2. Nested Expose—Allow the UI of a patch that’s contained within another patch to be exposed in the UI of the enclosing patch. In other words, make a patch itself an exposable element. When editing the UI of the enclosing element, all elements are moved as a unit, as is the case for exposable nodes. Allow connection to nested knobs, as is done now for exposed knob nodes.

This could be endlessly recursive, and could significantly simplify the creation and maintainence of a project.

Some rules: Expose outputs by default. Hide inputs that are connected to nodes or patches within the enclosing patch.