Fast Response Audio Meters


Fast Response Audio Meters

These are adapted from the Mono and Stereo VU meters posted earlier in this category. They are scaled logarithmically with a 1 input as 0. They have no internal smoothing other than that incorporated into the underlying meter node and have a much faster response that the VU units. Like the meter node they will reach maximum on a static +1 input, but read about -4 with a maximum level 1000 Hz tone. The clip indicators light when the waveform peaks exceed 0.995.


Input Signal Range Notes
mono or stereo signal -1 to +1 input is typically but not necessarily audio. The meter can be used for any application that requires a log readout.


Meter Displays Notes
meter displays signal level non-smoothed - uses native meter node response
clip indicator lights when signal peaks > 0.995

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Fast Response Audio Meters.audulus (35.8 KB) 03/23/2019 initial upload