Expression node

I’m well on my way in this fabulous universe. But I’d like to get really deep now,so maybe this question is too simple to answer with a simple answer aswell: what is the expression node used for? What purpose does it finally have towards a final audible outcome? Any that will get me somewhere is appreciated.

The expression node is used to calculate various mathematical expressions. It’s used for a wide variety of purposes in Audulus. The simplest case is using it as a way to specify a constant value. You can use it to perform simple arithmetic like multiply, add, divide etc. and also calculate various functions like sin(), cos(), tan(), etc. It can also be used to perform logical operations such as determining if a signal is positive or negative or greater than some amount.

You will find the node used frequently in many Audulus modules. As far as the effect on the output, it really depends on where it is being used. For example if you want to reduce the level of a signal you might use the expression node with a divide expression. If you wanted to introduce some distortion you might use a tanh() function.

You might find this useful: The Audulus Expression Node

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Thanks a lot! I’m on it. Really appreciate the swift reply!

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