ES-9 and iPad

Hi there,
I just got an ES-9. Looks amazing.
I see examples of people using it with Audulus online, and I have even seen someone using an ES-9 module in Audulus. However, I can’t find it anywhere inside Audulus. Is it something I need to build myself using DACs and stuff? I see the ES-8 ready-made.

The ES-8 and ES-9 are very similar devices, with the ES-9 having some additional I/O capabilities. Either one (when set as the system audio device) appears to Audulus as multiple channels of input and output, with the es-8 having 12 inputs and 16 outputs and the ES-9 having 16 of both. The input and output channels of each device are available to Audulus using the DAC and ADC nodes within Audulus. All of the ES-8 modules are built using the ADC and DAC nodes and provide scaling and calibration for the I/O. They should be useable with the ES-9 by configuring the nodes with the correct channel number. The ES-9 has an internal mixer which allows a great deal of flexibility in routing the physical I/O to the USB I/O channels so you might need to adjust channel numbers accordingly. Also the balanced 1/4" outputs and headphone outputs of the ES-9 are at line level rather than +/- 10 volts so ES-8 modules with audio output might need to be scaled to match. With the ES-8 it is often necessary to reduce Audulus audio output via the ES-8 to avoid overloading external line-level gear.

Thanks! It didn’t even occur to me that I could open up the ES-8 modules to see the insides. (I realize it’s been a while since I last used Audulus. That’s got to change. :slight_smile: )
I should be able to construct my own ES-9 module from this.
Thanks again!


Ok. Next problem. ES-9 won’t recognize my iPad as a host. Connecting with lightning-to-USB-C cable. What else do I need to do? iOS just updated.

You need to use an Apple USB 3 to Lightning Camera Adapter and a standard USB-C to USB-A cable. Without the adaptor the iPad only acts as a USB slave device, not a host. The adapter has the necessary electronics to connect the two.

Suspected something like that. Thanks! Again! :slight_smile: