Echoes in A - second Glooper track

This is another track created using the glooper. In this case I used a Behringer Neutron, Model D and an UltraNova, all configured as monophonic synths, receiving the same MIDI notes with each fed into a glooper clocked at different intervals. I used a whole note, 1/2 and 1/4 note. The percussion is my uKick 909 and uConga and @J031’s excellent snare and hat from his recent percussion collection. I recorded it in a single take using Ableton Live. During the recording I didn’t change any synth parameters or Audulus settings other than turning off the clock for a bit.I used Ableton’s convolution reverb and mastered it with iZotope 9 elements.
Frankly I was blown away by the depth created by the gloopers. It really sounds like there are multiple pads in the background. Audulus never ceases to amaze me. Where else could you easily create an effect using 54 delay lines.


No where else and you under estimate your own capabilities yet I for one am grateful for being able to benefit from the work you’ve done for the Audulus user community.