DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister



Getting my hands on one of these soon - this will be AMAZING with Audulus. Already bubbling with ideas about it, like creating a 4-lane sequencer with sequence pages using the push-buttons to set the sequence range. Or even a drone box with 16 controls that just begs to be manipulated.


I was thinking about using the last two columns as a 4 channel stereo mixer with the buttons as mute and solo. Maybe the first two as an 8 step sequencer control. With 4 banks the possibilities are endless. It’s bus powered so for the iPad you will probably want a CCK and maybe a powered hub. I think it will be very useful with the current version of Audulus and will really shine when we have MIDI out and can change things on the controller on the fly.


Can’t wait to hear/see your review!


I can already see multiple banks as useful. 16 knobs and switches should allow for a comprehensive mixer control. Perhaps a bank for sequencing and one for filter control. It might take a bit of effort to set up all the mappings but I think it will definitely be worth it. Although you could certainly map as you go, I think some premapped templates might be useful. I see one with a mixer, a set of outputs for sequencing, a set for filters and one for whatever (tempo, on/off etc.). It’s flexible enough to handle everything but actual keyboard/drums type input. This and a MIDI keyboard would be an awesome combo for Audulus input.