Discord server for Audulus?


Does anyone have or could make a discord server about Audulus because then I could chat and talk to people on the server whilst working on something in Audulus? I couldn’t make a proper server for Audulus.


You mean like a chatroom? There’s one that I can enable on the forum here. Would people like that?


Yeah similar but it’s will be easier if it can be reached by application even on mobile devices and it’s more organised this way.
Here’s a image of a discord server.


Is there a use for a discord server that the forum doesn’t fulfill? I find having the archival nature of a forum invaluable to learning. Makes me feel like I’m not missing out. Unless discord chats can be saved, not too familiar with the platform.


Well using Discord allows you to easily access and chat via phone, tablet and pc. It also allows us to share files easier and categorise channels.


The forum works really well on all my devices. I’m not advocating one over the other, always up for all methods of discussion. Just saying it’s really nice to be able to look through a history of responses to various topics without worrying that I wasn’t present in a chat while worthwhile knowledge was shared.