Digitakt with Audulus and Minifooger Delay


Here is another little hardware jam. This time, inspired by “Plantasia,” I thought I would make a triple-sawtooth oscillator and run it into a moogy low pass filter and then run that through some bucket brigade delay. The Digitakt is doing all the sequencing, and there are previously recorded layers triggering as samples. Drum sounds are just default samples on the digitakt tweaked a little bit.

This is the patch I used for the video. It’s two Karplus Strong voices and two not quite minimoog voices I am calling MOO. It’s pretty spartan, but a lot can be done through layering and opening up the MOO synth voices and changing what the LFO does, the octaves of the oscillators, etc. I am also using the built-in filters/effects on the digitakt for further sound sculpting.

MOO times two .audulus (254.5 KB)



NIce! Glad to see you have the holy doughnut close for inspiration. :cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s got extra holes in it, making it the holiest.



Looks like some typos misspelling Audulus in a few places. May want to correct 'em to help with the Search terms :wink:



Weird. I wonder how I could have misspelled it 3 times and not noticed. I hope I didn’t accidentally add it to my dictionary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Different misspellings to boot!

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Welp, that’s what I get for posting something at 2am.



It happens to a lot of people - see it in emails often:


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All the same, I am glad to have it correct now.

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