CV Recorder



Slightly off topic, but it reminded me of this module.


Then I’m coming to Audulus 4, too))) Faders and Fedor, hahahahah)


Fedorable. :grin:


Can someone possibly slap together a version that has a gate record built in? I will but you a coffee. :coffee:


Added a multichannel version (see first post) - depending on what you want each channel to do, you need to do some fiddling. It explains it inside, but if you want to do gates, you have to attach an x>0 expression to the output, if you want to do modulation, you have to attach an LPF at the output, and if you want to do 1/oct, you just need to directly connect it.

The place you’re looking for is here:

This default is set up to do two channels of 1/oct and gate.


Christmas came early!

Thanks so much. Send me your email and I will grab you a coffee.

I think it should have a thru (or whatever you call it), so that you can send pulses through when not recording, but also when you have something recorded and looping it would be nice to be able to still pass gates/trigs through.


Looks like this works but it is not very clean.


What do you mean?


Oh just think of a use case when recording loops. You don’t want to loose your bypass on your looper when you record. Just as you don’t want to have to record in order to hear what you are playing.

Sorry my head is in three places. I am trying to get my elektron A4 to clock mBrane so I can clock the ES-8 which could then clock the CV Recorder. :slight_smile: Yarns is a bit unintuitive.