CV LFO plus piano sound via ES-8 Plus AUM or Garageband

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I’d like to run LFOs out a couple of the outputs of my ES-8 from iOS Audulus into my Eurorack, while at the same time using output 1 for a piano sound coming from either Garage Band or another app.

I have no problem getting an LFO out from Audulus, but every time I move away from it to another app, it stops communicating with the ES-8. What am I doing wrong?

I tried running it as an IAA in AUM. No problem getting VCOs out via a stereo out into the channel (which is then routed into the ES-8), but the same setup does not seem to work for an LFO.


When Audulus is running as an IAA or Audiobus app, it has no direct connection to the ES-8. The host app e.g. AUM has the connection to the audio hardware. It’s possible that AUM won’t pass very low frequency audio. I don’t have an ES-8 so I have no way to test. @robertsyrett has a couple and can probably give us a definitive answer. You might try Audiobus as an alternative. I believe that even if you have Audulus configured for background audio that a foreground app that is competing for the audio out will take priority over the background app.

Thanks. It does seem like AUM is high pass filtering the LFO.

I have found just using Audulus is enough. If I want some other Audio from an app I try to use my second older iPad.

Have you turned the Background Audio option on in Audulus?

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No! That did it! I can run a LFO out of channel 1 or 2 in Audulus, and a piano sound out another channel from Garageband or AUM.

Except now I’m only able to use outputs 1-2 of the ES-8 in Audulus. Is there a hidden setting there as well?



are you using the “speaker” node or the “dac” node?

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