Considering a Fully Portable Modular



I am pretty much lined up to outfit a Pulp Logic case when it comes time. Thing is, they are all sold out…

The Synthrotek case doesn’t have the nice stand, is a bit more and I have heard mixed reviews.

Someone has a used Intellijel Performance case for a good price (as these are also sold out) but they are not waterproof. Looks like a beautiful case, but it seems to be pulling me away from my ideal off grid durable setup.


Just email the guy from Pulp Logic and he’ll make more - he sorta does them on demand. It might take a couple weeks, but it’s worth it! :slight_smile:


@futureaztec I second the Pulp Logic vote as well. If you go with the Intellijel 1U format, you’re stuck with Intellijel 1U tiles and not much else because Intellijel and Pulp Logic have different 1U formats that are not compatible. Most other companies that do any 1U tiles and all of the DIY 1U tiles that I have seen have been in the Pulp Logic format and leads to more interesting, available 1U options. If you get a Pulp Logic case, just know you won’t be able to fit Intellijel 1U tiles in there and vice versa. Almost all other 1U tiles that I have seen though will fit in the Pulp Logic format (but not Intellijel).


Yes @biminiroad , it looks like I am in the process of negotiating a lunchbox. I needed that nudge and reminder that the 1U tiles from other designers are mainly the Pulp Logic format. I must say though, if anyone is considering intellijel, their performance case looks really well designed if you don’t need something water resistant and their own 1U tiles also look very well made.



So I am talking with John at Pulp Logic and I am about to pull the trigger on the 54 hp case. I have learned that it can be made fully sealed, instead of having jacks on the side, which is really good news. I would appreciate any final advice from the community here on tiles I should definitely get from Pulp Logic or any other items of importance.

Here is the Etsy site I’ll be ordering from, which as you can see has a few bits and pieces. As this will be my first modular I am a little overwhelmed and trying to avoid forgetting anything crucial.


A couple of other details; thinking out loud. I was drawn to the elektron Analog Heat (it is now in its mk2 phase already), because I like the idea of having my sound pass through an analog path at the end. I figure it would also glue things together. But I can’t just pile up gear in a room. So one idea for the lunchbox is to maintain a stereo path throughout, so that if I do put it at the end, the character of the sound is preserved. I would probably then add some sort of stereo delay module.

When I start to think this way though I worry about not having any voices in the box. “Wheres the oscillator bro?” Uhhhhh…

But once you start thinking about oscillators you get diminishing hp quick, as you start to pretty much design a desktop synth.

*my brain just clued in to how amazing it will be to able to send multiple Audulus voices through the ES-8 (when the AUv3 goes live), or route a hardware oscillator through some of the modules in Audulus.


I kind of regret getting quite so many oscillators, but a good analog oscillator does have a life of it’s own. I find that I can create anything I can imagine with Audulus, but analog oscillators (the good ones anyways) can take you to new places.

Of course it’s a pretty different calculation with a small case, especially if you want to avoid just making your own version of the 0-Coast or Neutron.


I would appreciate some thoughts on oscillators when you have the time. Top three maybe (including ones you don’t own).


Let’s see, let’s go from best to worst:

Top of the Class

  1. DPO - Has all my favorite tricks, waveform blending, wave folding, FM cross modulation, hard sync, phase lock loop, vactrols, etc. This is by far my most used VCO(s) these days, and it has it’s own case with a Turing Machine, Maths, and some LPG’s.

I actually have distings where the ES-8 is.

  1. Braids - When they announced that braids was being discontinued I had a little FOMO moment and got one. At first I was let down because there was only one output, and the menu system very much feels like a preset synth. So I set about sampling it before I sold it and fell in love with it because of all the different sounds each “preset” was capable of. If I had it to do over again I would get Plaits, but I’m happy with braids and wont be trading it in any time soon.

  2. Rings - I know this module is also a bit of a meme but god damn if it isn’t both useful and exotic. The unmodulated stock sounds are all useful in arrangements where they aren’t drawing attention to themselves. The modulated sounds with external noise exciters are really otherworldly and running drums and samples through it makes this an awesome filter to boot (most of this functionality is also unavailable in Audulus with the same ease)

  3. Intellijel Atlantis - One of my first modules after the ES-8. These oscillators are really reliable and stable and track up high with little to no distortion. One of them even goes at LFO rates. They aren’t particularly unique like the Makenoise DPO, but they are workhorses for experimentation and playing around on the oscilloscope. Also, the fact that they are normalized to an ADSR/VCF/VCA with a little waveform mixer makes this my main subtractive voice.

Honor Students

  1. 0-Coast - Yeah, I love it. It’s basically half of everything that’s in my DPO case minus the distings, would still use it all the time if I hadn’t upgraded.

  2. Noise Reap Bermuda - Cheap, loads of character. They often sound better in a mix than the intellijel VCO but there is no hard sync or sawtooth waves. There is a mk II actually that is 6 hp. That looks great.

Dropouts -

  1. AJH Minimod VCO - I like it well enough, but the Bermuda sounds about as good the way I end up using it.

  2. Dixie II+ - Basically the same as the Atlantis VCOs. I wanted one for a long time because of that. Once I got it, I found I was basically already using Audulus to do anything I might need as far as spare VCO’s

Finally, wishlist:

Instruo VCO’s look so fancy and nice in all the right ways. the Cs-L and Ts-L with the black and gold have really nice wavefolders and wacky waveform blending built in.

Dannysound DIY oscillators (Through-Zero and Cali Oscillator) are super appealing for much the same reason as the Instruo, but they are much less expensive and you get to make them yourself.


I had been fooling around in modular grid and I arranged a Lunchbox with this in it. Do I need an envelope, vca, etc or does it have some internal routing? Once I cram this, the ES8 and DATA in the 54 hp row its pretty much full.

*of course you need an envelope and an amp you dummy. searching out 1u options…


If you are going with an ES-8 you may as well use it for the envelope. The fold circuit can be used as a VCA, but to get the most out of it you need a Low Pass Gate, check out the mystic circuit 0HP vactrol-based LPG if you don’t have space.


Another option would be to squeeze the DPLPG by MengQiMusic since it is 2hp.

I would like to have found a used Make Noise DPO though…Plaits is more affordable, but I am concerned, like you were, that it would feel like presets. Whereas with the DPO you can probably just spend hours mesmerized while shaping waveforms.


Before you buy a ton of modules, make triple sure that they will fit in the case. It has some sections that are deeper than others. Doepfer modules just barely make the clearance on some parts. You might have to do what I did where I had to arrange my modules basically backwards to accommodate my deep uPVCO module. I think I also had to put a bit of electrical tape on the back of the board of my ES-8 to make sure it didn’t accidentally short with the railing.



Here’s one mock up. I wasn’t very choosey on the 1u tiles – just grabbed a few to fill the gaps. What’s missing? Wonder if it will fit.


RHS HBO.audulus (419.7 KB)
I second @biminiroad with making sure the depth of your modules will all fit in your case. I ran into some DIY modules I couldn’t fit in my DIY suitcase I put together. If you’re not too concerned on making your oscillator analog, you could always try out @robertsyrett’s take on the DPO from the old forum. I don’t have a DPO to try it against, but check it out:


It’s possible that this isn’t the most recent version of the HBO by @robertsyrett, but I’m sure he would be able to shed some light on any updated versions or uModule versions that he’s made.

As for the 1U tiles, you’ll definitely want some Mixers, Attenuators, and Multiples. The FSR Force Sensor Tile also looks interesting. Did you see that Pulp Logic also sells a Piezo Mic 1U tile (CTACT) and piezo mics?


I think the West Cat Oscillator is probably the current evolution of the HBO. I’ll definitely revisit the HBO when Audulus gets normalization switches on the input nodes. That is something hardware modular definitely still has over Audulus for the time being.


When I see graphic layouts like this it gets me motivated to work on music. I wish I had a job where I was told I had to go through the Audulus back catalogue and explore everything. Maybe @robertsyrett will bless us with some more of these larger modules.

One of the advantages is the wealth of tutorials/jams already around that can give you ideas on how to use them. For example:


Ahh the West Cat Oscillator! I almost forgot about this one. I’m going to go play around with that one now.