Just grabbed Audulus 4! Congratulations Taylor and everyone responsible.
I was amazed that my old patches still play!
I am looking forward to diving back in.

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Thank you so much! Glad to have a legend back in the game :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Hey Mark! You’re still here!
It looks amazing. Memory! I remember wanting memory.
I see my favorite node has been deprecated.
Crossfade. (sad trombone)
No doubt I’ll have questions.
Cheers and all the best!

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Crossfade is now integrated into the expr node! :slight_smile:

mix(x, a, b) where x = knob and a and b are the two signals.

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I am starting to see about upgrading old work. I can’t remember my tricks and techniques. Reverse engineering my own patches is a bit of a nightmare. What the hell was I thinking?

Previously, I could assign min and max to knobs. But it seems that those values aren’t preserved in a “Legacy Knob”. I certainly can’t remember. Is there a way to find the lost assignments? Can I assign min/max to the new knobs?

The min/max version of the knobs was deprecated when the “clamped” knob was introduced late in version 3. AFAIK the only way to recover their values is to open the original patch in Audulus 3. Knobs (and sliders) are now clamped to 0-1 to improve interoperability between modules. Of course you can scale and offset the knob value as required internally.

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Yeah, instead of directly assigning min-maxes, you leave the knob 0 to 1 so that you can then modulate it directly with the 0 to 1 modulation signal.

I just posted this, and these converters in there might be helpful to get started.

@stschoen’s correct, the only way to find out what the old values are is to open them in Audulus 3.

Thanks. I probably shouldn’t have deleted 3. D’oh.

If you go to the App Store and click on your name at the bottom left you can view your past purchases and re-install A3

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Thanks. That helps. Updating those old tunes is a daunting task but a good way to get a handle on the new system. Who knows? Maybe Blue in Green will get a new beat.


Patches in 4 are so much smaller than 3.
Is there a similar reduction in processor load?
Since I prefer the iPad interface to the desktop version, processor capacity was always the limiting factor in my builds.
Am I correct that the new version is more efficient than previous ones?

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The patch files are smaller since they’re no longer .json files - no correlation with the efficiency in which they run.

I believe Taylor has optimized some things since 3, but 4’s not a top-down rewrite of the audio engine. That said, if you have a newer iPad, especially with an M1 chip, it will be able to do a lot more than previous versions.

Real time reply! Pretty impressive.
Thanks B

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Just jumping in here to extend my congratulations as well, V4 looks incredible!!

It has been real nice to see Audulus popping up in all my feeds recently and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again!

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Afta8! Good to “see” you again!

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Two of the original titans of Audulus! Hope to keep seeing more of y’all :slight_smile: