Complex Oscillator

The Make Noise DPO is obviously a classic. Instruo’s Cs_L was as exciting to me when it came out as Hexinverter’s Mindphaser is now.

There have been some great oscillators in Audulus. I like @stschoen’s uFSK dual oscillator, the Multi Waveforms Oscillator (nice morphing).

But I am wondering if Hexinverter’s Mindphaser can reinspire something here. I almost want to say that we really don’t have a proper complex oscillator in Audulus, given all of the synthesis techniques that have been worked out in Audulus 3. It seems to me that someone could cobble something together. I think it should be as unique and beautiful as Instuo’s and Hexinverter’s, but should have its own particular graphics and feature set.

These complex oscillitors are inching toward $1000. I think it is possible to do something purely digital that is as exciting…

Complex oscillators take up alot of hp. So getting something going in Audulus that only uses one output of the ES-8 seems to me like a smart thing for the software to offer. Even though I am running an analog path in my rack, I am using the Erica PICO VCO (because of hp). It does have a list of selectable waveforms. But I can not morph. It seems like there is room here for an array of approaches to providing complex digital oscillator sources to people with small racks.

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Have a look at my latest effort Ridiculously Complex Waveform Generator :cowboy_hat_face:

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I had a chance to watch the videos. A pretty amazing variety of sounds from one voice. It’s given me some ideas for possible mods to my unit. Thanks for sharing.

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