Clicking Envelopes Eurorack Edition

Anyone having trouble with clicking envelopes in their VCAs? I’m setting what in Audulus doesn’t create a click but will with my modular. Also it happens sometimes while resetting an envelope mid-decay.

In other words, is there something analog envelopes are doing that we’re not?

I couldn’t say for sure but I suspect that our envelopes (and digital envelopes in general) probably have a much higher slew rate than is possible with analog circuitry. Perhaps the analog VCAs are more sensitive to transients. You might try to limit the slew using a low pass filter. I’ve had pretty good luck “de-clicking” using the low pass node, but it you want something steeper you might try a bi-quad based filter. Either way, adjusted properly, it shouldn’t affect the envelope a lot.


Sounds like a voltage offset issue. A 4hp WMD/SSF SPO can fix it, or Maths, Manhattan MVP, etc.
I noticed several cheaper Eurorack VCAs that would click regardless of the envelope times. Some VCOs were worse than others in those VCAs. The voltage offset generator saved the day.
Might be related to a phase issue as well. Are you still using an ES-8?
Great tips @stschoen (and amazing patches!) Come to think of it, Maths can be used as a slew generator as well.
Edit: Ahhh, sorry still new to Audulus and this forum. Apologies for recommended hadrware when the tools needed are in the app. D’Oh!