Circle of Fifths

I hate music theory. Some people love it. I also hate Sudoko, Chess, Poker, and all that crap.

I love jazz. Which means somewhere someone does the hard work. I don’t think I will ever love music theory. I do think that I should still climb the hill. In the spirit of chipping away, here is some interesting history on John Coltranes’s “Giant Steps.”

Thinking about the Harmonàig by Instruo. Not to add to my rack but just to appreciate theoretically. 15%20AM

This is an area where Audulus can really shine. @stschoen has done some beautiful work on quantization, scales, etc. It is a good example of how these ideas need to be turned over and over – simple, subtle, and so dense. As they claim in the video, often intimidating.


I dislike poker, chess, sudoku, etc. also!

To add to what you posted above, perhaps some others will also like what I found and included below:

Music Theory for People Who Cringe at the Thought of 'Theory'

If you hate studying music theory, you might like this cliff notes style PDF file that I picked up from a guy named Ray Harmony. He's a famous s music theory teacher, composer, artist, etc. and highly respected in the music industry amongst famous artists (DeadMau5 being the first that comes to mind as he was in the most recent youtube video) that make appearances to speak in his videos on music theory, which are made for people like me that would absolutely squirm in our chairs or make an awful face as the professor said, "we're going to deep dive into music theory study in a very dry and formal way." ugh...I would rather eat a bowl of scorpions lol.

If you like the PDF, there's a couple of other inexpensive books he has written and also some sort of musical apprenticeship you can take online if you have trouble finishing your music. He and his wife/protegé, Kate, have a YouTube channel for all their video tutorials, and a website for the books and more info. If you're like me, you might like this different approach to learning music theory. Enjoy!

12_Music_Theory_Hacks_PDF.pdf (3.0 MB)
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