Choppler Effect Sampler

I heard a song with a chopped sample today and started wondering how one would accomplish this with the toolset we have. When I finished (work) work, I started (fun) working on this, and some 2 hours later, the Choppler Effect sampler module was born.

It is a random cycling sample chopper that runs with a variable phasor node timer and variable length sample. Check it out, plug in a ADC and a DAC node and have some fun recording yourself, your dog/cat, spouse, or other fun things! Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit v1.1: I have added a switchable timer to the Choppler which, when toggled, has the ability to change the random slice cycling, to just playing the slices in a reverse direction from the order in which they were recorded. So 1-2-3 going in is 3-2-1 coming out. I hope you will all like this improvement. Have a great weekend, as well!

Choppler Effect v1.1.audulus (21.8 KB)


Neat effect. I had fun modulating the sample time with a Sine LFO


Thanks @stschoen! I’m glad you liked it :smiley: I was just thinking this morning when I woke up that I bet the effect could be changed, like chopped sample pieces that can run backward or some other way, depending on the type of wave controlling the mux node on the output.

For example, if I changed the random value sample and hold node to a sawtooth wave, it seems like it would ramp down in the opposite direction of the ramp wave from the phasor.

I could also be entirely wrong, as this whole adventure was just a proof of concept for myself, and I really liked the way it turned out, so I decided to post it up here.What do you think? I will probably explore this idea a bit more in depth when I get done working today!


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@futureaztec Thanks man! Glad you liked it as well. I haven’t had a chance to check out the patch you made with it yet, but I am looking forward to that later!

I have made a few small improvements, and Choppler Effect v1.1 has a switchable timer to change from random slice playback, to playing each slice starting from the opposite direction of recording.

So let’s say the sequence going in was a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h, then when it starts to play back, the slices are spit out h-g-f-e-d-c-b-a. I dunno if that interests you or anyone else, but the capability is there, so I have posted it up in the top of the now edited thread. :smiley: